Q. Can raised floor systems limited cope with varying heights and uneven sub-floors?  

A. Yes. The pedestal support system is fully adjustable. Where required we will carry out a sub-floor survey and supply pedestal lengths to suit your needs.

Q. Are the panels fully interchangeable?  

A. With Raised Floor Systems Ltd’s range of products the panel is designed to be fully interchangeable with any other panel in the range.

Q. How do you bring services out of the floor?  

A. We do this by means of proprietary service outlet boxes or cable exit grommets, which include provision for power, data and telephone points.

Q. How do you deal with perimeters?  

A. We cut panels on site to suit perimeter details and reseal with aluminium tape. Our systems do NOT use the walls of the room for lateral stability.

Q. Can the system be earthed?  

A. All floors are electrically continuous and can be fully earthed in accordance with the current edition of the IEE regulations. Earthing terminals are provided to 1 No pedestal per 10m squared.

Q. Will the floors take floor coverings?  

A. There are few constraints on the type of covering which can be used. We can supply and fit a wide range in vinyl, lino or carpet. Samples with full technical details are available on request. Alternatively, we can leave the finished floors uncovered enabling the panels to receive loose lay carpets that can be supplied and fitted by ourselves.

Q. Is there an ideal floor on which to install your systems?  

A. The prop support system is bonded or mechanically fixed to the sub-floor dependent upon the raised floor height and sub-floor condition. Concrete floors need only be a fine tamped finish, screeding or power floating is unnecessary.

Q. How do I know what type of raised floor I need?

A. Access floors play a number of different roles in today’s high tech environment and it is important to identify the proposed function of your installation. A key point is that a floor void in a busy comms room or data centre will need to be accessed almost daily while a floor in a general office area will only need to be lifted occasionally and will normally be covered in loose lay carpet tiles. Please have a look at the various products we offer to identify the best solution for  your project.

Q. Can I fit a raised access floor myself if you sell me the relevant components?  

A. We can supply components for repair and replacement of many types of raised floor.
Services list, supply and installation of raised floor, supply and installation of floor finishes, handrails, maintenance and servicing of raised flooring, refurbishment, upgrading, site reports.

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